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A bag of 100 x 4 tic tac freshmint pills in a pillow pack - 1.9g

Refreshment gift which will make a big difference in your meeting rooms, reception areas, tray sets, snack boxes, guest rooms and complimentary mint with bill/cheque.

The iconic and much loved tic tac pack that has 100 minted layers and takes 36 hours to make.

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Country of Origin Ecuador
CU Description T4
Case size T4x100 (100 consumer units)
VAT standard rate 20%
Cases per Pallet 1200
Number of Layers 10
Units per Layer 120
EAN 8000500176351
ITF 8000500176351
Consumer Unit Length 2.75cm
Consumer Unit Width 1.75cm
Consumer Unit Height 0.3cm
Outer Case Length n/a
Outer Case Width n/a
Outer Case Height n/a
Consumer Unit Weight 1.9g
Delivered Unit Weight 1.992kg
Net Weight 0.1992kg
Production Product Life 365 days
On Delivery Product Life max 180 days
Availability AYR
Primary Packaging Glass g N/A
Primary Packaging Plastic g 120
Primary Packaging Aluminium g N/A
Primary Packaging Paper g N/A
Secondary Packaging Plastic g N/A
Secondary Packaging Paper g N/A
Secondary Packaging Wood g N/A